Multiplied yield made possible

FITOPEDON® is a revolutionary plant nutrition technology based on almost 40 years of research that goes beyond recently available world patents. By applying it you will always be able to give your plants what they specifically need exactly at the right time - thus maximize crop yield and quality. 

  • We determine the continuously changing mineral nutrient requirement that is adapted to the genetic program of the plants.
  • We dynamically analyze the ever-changing soil and other environmental conditions.
  • By combining these, we provide optimal nutrient replenishment for the full development of the plant.
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Results and benefits

Via the integrated service system of FITOPEDON®, this exceptionally effective nutrition method can be implemented with just a small investment, giving you the results of: 

  • Higher yield,
  • Better crop quality,
  • Increased resilience.
Pepper at Gyarmat after a hail in May
Peppers at Gyarmat in September, due to the beneficial effect of the FITOPEDON® treatment

Scientific Fundamentals

The FITOPEDON® method approaches the plant-soil system uniquely by treating it as a controllable composite dynamic unit.

Fields of Application

Paradicsom by Fitopedon


Paprika by Fitopedon

Pepper (paprika)

Cotevisa by Fitopedon


Zsázsa by Fitopedon


In addition: wheat, rye, triticale, barley, oats, rice, maize, millet, sorghum, flax, rape, sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes, peas, soybeans, lucerne, lupine